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Ultramarine can offer customers the flexibility of ordering a basic GRP stage 1 hull all the way through to a completed vessel to sail away. Every one of our boats are built in a clean and controlled enviroment to a very high marine standard and to suit each individual's requirements. We are also happy to assist customers with support and advice during a self build on all optional extras produced by Ultramarine Boat Builders.

Cygnus GM21

Cygnus GM21

This vessel has become the accepted standard for many inshore fishing boats. She is a sea friendly, round-bilge, stable, easily driven hull with a great range of layouts to suit most applications and the capability of a sealed self draining deck. This craft is available to any stage of completion from a bare hull stage 1, partly fitted out, or completed to an owner's exact needs. Please click for specifications.

Holton 24

Holton 24

The Holton 24 Mk1 & Mk2 are very popular vessels with inshore fisherman. Their wide beam and deep bilges maximises the boats' load carrying capability and provides enhanced stability, along with a fine entry and excellent displacement. With self draining decks and excellent working areas, plus a high sheer line on the Mk2, the Holton 24 are the perfect work boats. Please click for specifications.

  • Our Boat

    One of our Cygnus 21 hulls we built for a satisfied customer from Seaton in Devon UK. Ultramarine staff were invited out for the day on this fine vessel after the customer had the boat fitted out to his own personal specifications.

Our GRP stage 1 hull prices start from £10,500 and for a comprehensive price list or to discuss an order please telephone us on 07990 035217, or visit our Contact page for further details. Ultramarine Boat Builders offer an experienced high quality service, efficient delivery times and excellent value for money vessels, built and certified to Seafish approved standards.